Sometimes you need more than just a video "shooter" to communicate your message well.

When that happens - when you need someone who can help you plan your communication strategy, create professional video, edit all the pieces into a clear and compelling message, and help deliver that message using the right media, give me a call. I do that.
Ted Lang
Create videos to train employess or customers on the use of your products and services. We can help you with planning, scripting, shooting, sound, editing, and distribution.
Professional video editing is our specialty. We can also edit your own video clips and scenes into a more professional video presentation, adding music, titles, and special effects.
Let us help your business or organization be more effective on Youtube. We can customize your entire presence on Youtube, including setting up profitable channels and getting more traffic to your videos.
Smart use of video can be your website's most profitable strategy. We can create video optimized for content that will draw traffic and help sell your products and services.
Stock video clips save you time and money. They are video scenes that have already been created and edited. You can use them in most videos in many ways instead of hiring a videographer to create that scene specifically just for you. And they can be edited by you to suit your own video message, using titles, music, voice-over, etc.
Showing prospective customers how your products (and services) work, and how they benefit the buyer, can be a most cost-effective sales tactic. They can also save time and money when used for technical support.
Product demo videos can be shown on Youtube and on your own website, They can be distributed on a DVD or in many other ways.
A Family Heirloom Video can take many forms. It may be a simple video interview with a family member, reminiscing about his or her life. It can be a collection of family stories, photos, videos, and other treasured memorabilia, all put together with titles, music and even narration. Or, it can be any combination of these things. We can work with you to create a treasure chest of moments and memories that will be a priceless heirloom.
Any special event, party, celebration, anniversary, sports, business or personal, can be captured and shared in many ways - on DVD, online, via website, email, and more.